Labour Dispute Management Services

Western Protection Alliance Inc. helps organizations plan for, manage, and respond to risk. Since 1994, Western has been a leader in innovation within the labour dispute marketplace, assisting our clients in achieving their safety and security goals. We offer our clients a broad range of services from risk analysis and planning, to integrated security solutions, within the framework of our Low-Confrontation, High Response service model. Our range of services are comprehensive, scalable, and highly effective.

Too often, organizations do not foresee the potential risks associated with labour disputes. This lack of preparation can lead to a weakened bargaining position and, ultimately, to compromised business operations. We believe that pre-strike planning is crucial in mitigating risk and reducing client liability. We can help your organization anticipate and plan for the challenges it may face during a labour dispute.

We know that a comprehensive and up-to-date Labour Dispute Contingency Plan is a vital component in mitigating the impacts of labour unrest on your business. A lack of preparedness can often lead to reactive actions, which may not be aligned with an organization’s overall vision. Western works to eliminate the need for such reactive action, assisting our clients in maintaining positive relations with their labour force and their community.

We offer in-depth assessment to provide recommendations on everything from picket line strategy to overall business continuity, helping to ensure minimal disruption to your business in the event of a strike. 

Picket Line Management

Every labour dispute situation is unique, involving multiple factors which will inform our approach to preparedness and response. Throughout the negotiation process, it is crucial to be aware of the intersections of social and political elements, economic factors, community attitudes, and worker demographics.

Our overall approach to the management of a labour strike is to facilitate our clients’ ongoing business operations, minimize tensions, eliminate risk of harm to a client’s personnel and assets, maintain respectful observation of the rights of all parties, and to seek legal solutions with injunctive evidence when appropriate.

Our picket line strategy calls for highly mobile and responsive personnel. Specialized team deployments acting to gather evidence for injunctive relief, combined with responsive mobile and static team deployment as required, work in conjunction to maintain the safety of persons, protection of assets, and to uphold business continuity.

Prior planning, combined with our tactical expertise, enables us to establish settings which naturally limit confrontation before incidents occur. Our planning, communication and documentation methods are innovative, adaptable and have proven very successful in numerous dispute situations.

Phased Engagement and Implementation

Labour dispute contingency planning is offered as a stand-alone product, or as part of Western’s Phased Engagement and Implementation programs. Through an integrated approach, our planning services can move seamlessly into situation management and operational support.

Preparations for deployment are made in phases, according to the advancement of the labour negotiation process. This phased engagement will ensure full readiness by the anticipated strike date, in a more cost effective manner. 

In the event of a strike, deployment is committed on a week-by-week basis, allowing for a high degree of customization, and keeping services and cost in line with an organization’s situational requirements. You can rest assured that your organization will receive the support it needs, right when needed.  

Strike Security

We set a strong focus on monitoring and de-escalation, as part of our Low Confrontation, High Response model.

Western’s Low Confrontation, High Response service model relies on thorough research and intelligence gathering, to proactively address issues before they reach the point of confrontation or conflict. Western maintains a highly experienced team of labour dispute management personnel with extensive experience in picket line management, incident response, and evidence gathering. Many of our field personnel have law enforcement and investigative backgrounds, and have developed their skills in non-violent communication and negotiation.

Evidence Gathering and Injunctive Relief

Western uses a comprehensive and legally effective protocol for documentation and reporting. In combination with a positive working relationship with law enforcement entities, this is very advantageous for obtaining injunctive relief.

Western’s investigative services play a significant role at the picket line and elsewhere throughout the community, both physical and online. Our specialized field investigators are licensed, experienced professionals with a primary focus on the monitoring, recording and reporting of activities.

Transportation and Logistics

To maintain the flow of personnel and products to and from a struck site, we can supply logistical and transportation services, including qualified drivers with picket line experience. We can help to ensure the safe movement of people and goods across picket lines, while minimizing confrontation.

Close Protection

Given the nature of their mandate, bargaining committee members are under a lot of stress during a dispute. The threat of action against them or their property, is a factor that shouldn’t enter into their bargaining strategy. We can provide dedicated close protection as needed.

Replacement Workers

When operating your business during a labour dispute, the lack of qualified workers is often a major constraint. We maintain an extensive network of qualified workers, ranging from labourers to ticketed tradespeople, to help your company continue its operations during a labour dispute.

Contingency Worksites

We can arrange for a contingency worksite, which can be used to warehouse products or materials. 

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