Security Audit and Risk Analysis

In our experience, organizations achieve greater success in risk mitigation when security, safety, and contingency planning form part of an overarching Business Continuity Management strategy. Western Protection Alliance Inc. is a qualified risk management consultant, with extensive expertise in risk assessment, mitigation planning and high potential loss scenarios. 

Our security programs include security audits, risk assessments, and business impact analysis. We can help your organization develop a comprehensive business continuity plan, making sure that security considerations are not overlooked.

Our Assessment Reports, Implementation Plans, and Implementation and Deployment Rollout, are available as standalone products or as one, integrated service delivery.

Risk Assessment Reports

We start by identifying vulnerabilities to your critical assets, activities and processes, and then provide comprehensive recommendations for risk mitigation. 

Implementation Planning

Using prior Risk Assessment Reports as a starting point, Western will work with your organization to identify and prioritize key areas of concern, building a plan that is efficient, cost effective, and aligned with your goals. 


Western has the expertise and personnel to seamlessly implement your security deployment requirements. Click here to learn more about our security staffing services.

Compliance Auditing

Western provides consultation and recommendations prior to audit of your organization’s facilities, systems and processes. Through our partnered services, we also provide full security compliance and audit services as may be required by stakeholders, or to obtain commercial insurance coverages.

Gold Room Design and Operations

Through our network of partners, Western offers extensive process audit and design consulting services* for gold room construction, production and staffing.

Labour Dispute and Strike Management

We offer our clients a broad range of services from risk analysis and planning, to integrated security solutions, within the framework of our Low-Confrontation, High Response service model. Our range of services are comprehensive, scalable, and highly effective.

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*partnered services