Security Staffing


  • Security Guards 
  • Dual-certified Security Guards/Advanced Occupational First Aid Attendants
  • Dual-certified Security Guards/Private Investigators
  • Canada-wide or localized recruitment available


  • Resource extraction sites (Mining, Oil & Gas,)
  • Utility infrastructure sites (Power, Communications)
  • Remote, wilderness settings
  • Fly-in/fly-out access
  • Industrial construction projects
  • Mining exploration programs
  • Mining productions phases

Mining Security

Exploration, Bulk Sampling, Construction and Production

  • Multi-qualified personnel (Security and Safety; Security and Occupational First Aid)
  • Site access management
  • Asset protection (equipment; supplies)
  • Remote airstrip security

Gold Room Security

  • CCTV monitoring
  • Motion sensors
  • Personal search
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Transportation escort
  • Enforcement of security and safety protocols
  • Chain of custody logging and verification
  • Pre-construction consulting
  • Comprehensive physical security audit*

Site Access Control and Monitoring

  • Inbound and outbound personnel and vehicle screening
  • COVID-19 pre-access screening
  • Contraband screening
  • Inbound and outbound shipment logging
  • X-ray baggage screening
  • Wand screening
  • Airstrip security
  • Electronic tag boards
  • Access logging and reporting

Policy Enforcement

  • Site safety protocol adherence
  • K9 contraband detection*
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Peaceful management of unlawful protests and road blockages

Asset Protection

  • Theft prevention
  • Prevention of unlawful entry
  • Traffic and goods logging and verification
  • Investigation, documentation and reporting
  • Mobile patrol


  • Security camera setup and monitoring
  • Incident monitoring and reporting
  • Mobile surveillance
  • Aerial surveillance

Incident Response

  • First response
  • Disaster response

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*partnered services