Labour Dispute Management

Too often companies and organizations do not foresee the potential risks associated with labour disputes. This lack of preparation can lead to companies bargaining from a position of weakness and compromising their ability to operate. Western can help your company continue operating during a strike, lockout, or protest.

Pre-Strike Planning

At Western, we custom tailor a pre-strike plan to help your company mitigate the impact of labour disputes on your business. This comprehensive working document offers recommendations on everything from strike strategy to operational implementation.

Specialized Strike Security

In the event of a labour dispute, the security of your assets, employees, and resources is critical. We maintain a highly trained team of labour dispute personnel to deliver premium protective services and respond to emergency situations in a professional, non-confrontational manner- mindful of maintaining a positive public profile for your company.

Contingency Worksite

Western has a contingency worksite that can be used to warehouse products or materials. It has floor space, power, and other features you can fall back on to while your facility is being picketed.

Replacement Workers

replacementworkersWhen operating business during a labour dispute, the lack of qualified workers is often a major constraint. At Western, we maintain an extensive pool of qualified contingency workers, ranging from labourers to ticketed tradespeople to help your company operate during a labour dispute.

Transportation and Logistics

To maintain the flow of personnel and products to and from a struck site, Western Protection Alliance supplies trucking services to cross picket lines. We provide fully trained, qualified drivers as well as logistics teams to facilitate the safe movement of people and goods across picket lines.

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